IP location doesn’t matter

Many people say that hosting their website in the country they’re targeting matters for SEO, so the IP needs to fit to the country.. The truth is: IP location doesn’t matter. A lot of SEO ‘experts’ still says it matters, but I would assume an ‘expert’ is up to date, sadly they’re not. Let’s say … Continued

Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?

It’s a question that’s hard to answer – “Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?” Because, optimizing websites can be done pretty easy indeed, run tools like Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow, and try to get a good score, and you can say, you’ve optimized your website for better performance, which is true. … Continued

absolute vs relative links – and gzip compression

Yesterday I saw a tweet, about if an internal link should contain the domain name or not, so be absolute or relative. The reply I saw, was that using the domain name, could prevent people from ‘copying’ the text directly, because it would contain the link for the original domain. Which is true. But on … Continued