Glem nu Google Page Speed og YSlow score

Jeg ser rigtig mange folk der oftest søger hjælp til at gøre deres side hurtigere.. Eller rettere have en høj Page Speed Score.. Men Glem nu Google Page Speed og YSlow scoren. Det er den mest elendige score der nogensinde er opfundet, hvorfor? Fordi folk ikke forstår hvordan den virker, sjov påstand? Tja – men altså … Continued

IP location doesn’t matter

Many people say that hosting their website in the country they’re targeting matters for SEO, so the IP needs to fit to the country.. The truth is: IP location doesn’t matter. A lot of SEO ‘experts’ still says it matters, but I would assume an ‘expert’ is up to date, sadly they’re not. Let’s say … Continued

Don’t use Better WP Security

Don’t use Better WP Security. Okay, use it, but only once. The plugin is great, it analyse your WordPress site, and give you 20 items, that is either Okay, or needs to be fixed. This is usually how a WordPress installation can look like, and yes, some points are good to fix, and the plugin … Continued

Different robots.txt file based on request URL

Sometimes you want to serve a different robots.txt file based on request URL, this could be because you run your site directly from CDN like I do. This means you’ll be able to get duplicate content, and to disallow this, we want to serve a different robots.txt file, or set specific headers. As a small … Continued

Pingdom and response times

I personally love Pingdom, I think they provide a good service for uptime monitoring, also because they verify if your site is actually down or not, by checking with multiple nodes. One thing I don’t like with Pingdom, is their ‘response time report’ that you can see for each test you have, because these tests … Continued

Nginx support for cpanel awstats

When using cpanel as a control panel for shared hosting, you’re by default forced to use Apache. The reason behind this is that it’s the most common webserver, but Apache is often using a lot of memory when you could lower this. A good choice is to put nginx in front. There’s multiple options for … Continued

Why WP-Cron sucks

In WordPress you have a small file called wp-cron.php, which simulates normal cron-jobs. except this file isn’t executed every x amount of minutes. Instead WP-Cron will execute when someone visit the website. The reason why the wp-cron was build, was because some of the actions it does, can take longer than we want the user … Continued

Choose the right host

How do you choose the right host, for your website? It’s a hard question, because you can find out by asking other people who they prefer, it often gives a little info about how their service have been, and it can be a good indicator, if you should choose a company or not. But one … Continued

Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?

It’s a question that’s hard to answer – “Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?” Because, optimizing websites can be done pretty easy indeed, run tools like Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow, and try to get a good score, and you can say, you’ve optimized your website for better performance, which is true. … Continued

absolute vs relative links – and gzip compression

Yesterday I saw a tweet, about if an internal link should contain the domain name or not, so be absolute or relative. The reply I saw, was that using the domain name, could prevent people from ‘copying’ the text directly, because it would contain the link for the original domain. Which is true. But on … Continued