IP location doesn’t matter

Many people say that hosting their website in the country they’re targeting matters for SEO, so the IP needs to fit to the country.. The truth is: IP location doesn’t matter. A lot of SEO ‘experts’ still says it matters, but I would assume an ‘expert’ is up to date, sadly they’re not. Let’s say … Continued

Don’t use Better WP Security

Don’t use Better WP Security. Okay, use it, but only once. The plugin is great, it analyse your WordPress site, and give you 20 items, that is either Okay, or needs to be fixed. This is usually how a WordPress installation can look like, and yes, some points are good to fix, and the plugin … Continued

Different robots.txt file based on request URL

Sometimes you want to serve a different robots.txt file based on request URL, this could be because you run your site directly from CDN like I do. This means you’ll be able to get duplicate content, and to disallow this, we want to serve a different robots.txt file, or set specific headers. As a small … Continued