Don’t use Better WP Security

Don’t use Better WP Security. Okay, use it, but only once. The plugin is great, it analyse your WordPress site, and give you 20 items, that is either Okay, or needs to be fixed. This is usually how a WordPress installation can look like, and yes, some points are good to fix, and the plugin … Continued

Different robots.txt file based on request URL

Sometimes you want to serve a different robots.txt file based on request URL, this could be because you run your site directly from CDN like I do. This means you’ll be able to get duplicate content, and to disallow this, we want to serve a different robots.txt file, or set specific headers. As a small … Continued

Stop brute force attacks on WordPress installations

Today I want to tell how to stop brute force attacks on WordPress installations, the reason is that we’re having a huge botnet, trying to gain access to WordPress installations. The size of the botnet is measured to be more than 100.000 unique IP’s and is probably already way bigger than in the beginning. The … Continued

Why WP-Cron sucks

In WordPress you have a small file called wp-cron.php, which simulates normal cron-jobs. except this file isn’t executed every x amount of minutes. Instead WP-Cron will execute when someone visit the website. The reason why the wp-cron was build, was because some of the actions it does, can take longer than we want the user … Continued

Getting most out of WP Super Cache

This post is about getting most out of WP Super Cache plugin for wordpress. A lot of people, use WP Super Cache Plugin for WordPress, generally what it does, is to generate HTML pages out of the wordpress site, and cache them for X amount of time. And this is really good, first of all … Continued