Using cloudstats

I’ve tried a lot of monitoring tools for websites and servers, tools like,, New Relic, All tools work great, and I use all of them on a daily basis, it seems like overkill to have 4 monitoring services running, but whatever I’ve also started using I actually found the site while … Continued

New Relic and CloudLinux

To use New Relic and CloudLinux (with CageFS) together, you have to do some changes to your configuration. This post assumes that you use EasyApache 4.   Some time ago I wrote a blog post “Auto deploy New Relic apps in cPanel“, which covers steps how to make each account in cPanel their own application … Continued

Auto deploy new relic apps in cPanel

Some shared hosting, including my own company Hosting4RealĀ use New Relic to monitor the servers. But often it would be nice, to be able to track each customers performance, for providing even better support, but deploying the ‘apps’ manually takes a lot of time, if you have tons of customers. So we can auto deploy new … Continued