Add R1Soft to Paper Lantern

cPanel was released just a few days ago, which includes a major upgrade to the Paper Lantern theme, but since the theme is working differently I’m going to explain how to add r1soft to Paper Lantern.

Since Paper Lantern was introduced, the way of installing plugins work a little differently, you need to create your own little plugin directory, create a install.json file containing some data, as well as paths to the images you want to use.

So I decided to make this little github repo which contains the code to add R1Soft Backup module to Paper Lantern theme.

All the magic happens in the code below:

       "icon" : "r1soft.png",
       "group_id" : "files",
       "order" : 100,
       "name" : "R1Soft Restore Backups",
       "type" : "link",
       "id" : "r1soft",
       "uri" : "r1redirect.php"

This will add a new icon (which is a 48×48 image) located in your plugin folder, you give it a group id, which is the section you want to add your icon to, the order, which is where you want the icon to be located, the lower a number the higher the icon will get, so order of 1 will get in first position.

Then you have the name which is the title, which type it is (Always a link), a unique ID for the icon, and the URI where you want to send the user, it can both be internal files, but also external links.

So it’s pretty basic, and you’ll be able to read more about it here.

Feel free to share. This is great if you want to register your plugins in Paper Lantern, and takes just a few seconds to do it!