absolute vs relative links – and gzip compression

Yesterday I saw a tweet, about if an internal link should contain the domain name or not, so be absolute or relative. The reply I saw, was that using the domain name, could prevent people from ‘copying’ the text directly, because it would contain the link for the original domain. Which is true. But on … Continued

Design with failure in mind

Whenever you design anything, you should design with failure in mind. What does this mean? It means that building something, either physical or software etc, you should always design it in a way, that you expect things to go wrong at some point, but why? You’ve build something, why should it ever go wrong? Because … Continued

Yahoo Weather API

For some time ago, I did make a small wrapper for the yahoo weather API. I did this because Google closed their API, which was used by a lot of people. But the Yahoo weather API is not so easy to deal with, because they require you to provide the woeid (Where On Earth IDentifier). … Continued

Auto deploy new relic apps in cPanel

Some shared hosting, including my own company Hosting4RealĀ use New Relic to monitor the servers. But often it would be nice, to be able to track each customers performance, for providing even better support, but deploying the ‘apps’ manually takes a lot of time, if you have tons of customers. So we can auto deploy new … Continued

Add a secondary IP to CentOS servers

How to add a secondary IP to CentOS servers is pretty easy. First what you’re going to do, is to SSH into the server itself. What we need to do, is to create a little file in sysconfig/network-scripts to bind the IP to the server, by doing following: cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ Make a new file called … Continued

Using nginx as a proxy to uWSGI applications

Using nginx as a proxy to uWSGI applications, have a lot of benefits. Nginx is built and optimized as a webserver, where the uWSGI is an application server. Nginx has the benefits of load balancing, request caching, it’s more secure, and it’s good for serving static files as well. I’m going to provide the code, … Continued

Getting most out of WP Super Cache

This post is about getting most out of WP Super Cache plugin for wordpress. A lot of people, use WP Super Cache Plugin for WordPress, generally what it does, is to generate HTML pages out of the wordpress site, and cache them for X amount of time. And this is really good, first of all … Continued