Stop brute force attacks on WordPress installations

Today I want to tell how to stop brute force attacks on WordPress installations, the reason is that we’re having a huge botnet, trying to gain access to WordPress installations. The size of the botnet is measured to be more than 100.000 unique IP’s and is probably already way bigger than in the beginning. The … Continued

cpanel 11.38 virtfs

People that use cpanel, as their control panel of their servers, probably know about virtfs. In cpanel 11.38 virtfs got changed to improve security, and some other small changes. For those who don’t know what virtfs is: VirtFS provides a jailed shell environment for the user, the good thing about this, is that the user … Continued

RHCSA passed

In the beginning of june, I decided to attend the RHCSA Rapid Track Course including the exam (RH200). I did it first of all because I got the offer, to get the course and exam, but also because I would like to have some kind of certificate, and since I like linux a lot (and … Continued

Pingdom and response times

I personally love Pingdom, I think they provide a good service for uptime monitoring, also because they verify if your site is actually down or not, by checking with multiple nodes. One thing I don’t like with Pingdom, is their ‘response time report’ that you can see for each test you have, because these tests … Continued

Nginx support for cpanel awstats

When using cpanel as a control panel for shared hosting, you’re by default forced to use Apache. The reason behind this is that it’s the most common webserver, but Apache is often using a lot of memory when you could lower this. A good choice is to put nginx in front. There’s multiple options for … Continued

Why WP-Cron sucks

In WordPress you have a small file called wp-cron.php, which simulates normal cron-jobs. except this file isn’t executed every x amount of minutes. Instead WP-Cron will execute when someone visit the website. The reason why the wp-cron was build, was because some of the actions it does, can take longer than we want the user … Continued

Make a single access log on cPanel servers

Sometimes it might be useful to make a single access log on cPanel servers, if you need to either investigate a problem, or you just need to get some general information from all sites hosted on a specific server, it could be the number of requests to wp-cron.php etc. In cPanel all log files is … Continued

Add an invoice to existing product in WHMCS

Today I was looking for a way to add an invoice to existing product in WHMCS, because I had a few people that was imported using the cpanel/WHM importer in WHMCS. I was searching a little on google, and I found the methods really weird, like deleting the client, manually adding the client again, set … Continued

Choose the right host

How do you choose the right host, for your website? It’s a hard question, because you can find out by asking other people who they prefer, it often gives a little info about how their service have been, and it can be a good indicator, if you should choose a company or not. But one … Continued

Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?

It’s a question that’s hard to answer – “Do you know how to optimize websites for speed?” Because, optimizing websites can be done pretty easy indeed, run tools like Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow, and try to get a good score, and you can say, you’ve optimized your website for better performance, which is true. … Continued