Use KernelCare and stop rebooting

Use KernelCare and stop rebooting sounds awesome, and it indeed is. One of the things I used to hate the most by maintaining servers was kernel updates, not only because it requires rebooting the system which causes downtime. But also because rebooting a system is a nightmare, because you don’t know what will happen when … Continued

NGINX restarts on cPanel servers

Today we’ll fix NGINX restarts on cPanel servers. When running NGINX on a cPanel server, it often requires that you put a restart of NGINX inside your httpd init script to make NGINX and Apache restart at same time to get the changes updated. The problem people often will find is that cPanel from time … Continued

Things I’ve learned by hosting websites

There’s a few things I’ve learned by hosting websites, some of them should be pretty obvious where others might be obvious after you’ve made a mistake. #1: Use raid on your system I must admit, the first server I ever had, didn’t have any raid. It had two disks, but no raid. Back then, I … Continued

Fix Nginx bandwidth issue in cPanel

At Hosting4Real we’ve been using Nginx in production as a reverse proxy for quite some time. But using Nginx doesn’t come without problems, one of them is bandwidth calculation. So this blog post will go over how to fix Nginx bandwidth issue in cPanel. You’ll actually be facing multiple problems, about bandwidth reporting, this is due … Continued

Using cloudstats

I’ve tried a lot of monitoring tools for websites and servers, tools like,, New Relic, All tools work great, and I use all of them on a daily basis, it seems like overkill to have 4 monitoring services running, but whatever I’ve also started using I actually found the site while … Continued

Using imapsync

I’ve recently needed to do a big migration of some webshops, including a lot of email accounts from a non-cPanel server to a cPanel server, this means you’re quite limited with the migration, and in this case very limited. There was no possible way to do a backup, so everything needed to be migrated using … Continued

cpanel 11.38 virtfs

People that use cpanel, as their control panel of their servers, probably know about virtfs. In cpanel 11.38 virtfs got changed to improve security, and some other small changes. For those who don’t know what virtfs is: VirtFS provides a jailed shell environment for the user, the good thing about this, is that the user … Continued

RHCSA passed

In the beginning of june, I decided to attend the RHCSA Rapid Track Course including the exam (RH200). I did it first of all because I got the offer, to get the course and exam, but also because I would like to have some kind of certificate, and since I like linux a lot (and … Continued

Make a single access log on cPanel servers

Sometimes it might be useful to make a single access log on cPanel servers, if you need to either investigate a problem, or you just need to get some general information from all sites hosted on a specific server, it could be the number of requests to wp-cron.php etc. In cPanel all log files is … Continued

Auto deploy new relic apps in cPanel

Some shared hosting, including my own company Hosting4Real use New Relic to monitor the servers. But often it would be nice, to be able to track each customers performance, for providing even better support, but deploying the ‘apps’ manually takes a lot of time, if you have tons of customers. So we can auto deploy new … Continued