nginx reverse proxy for R1Soft

Sometimes managing SSL on R1Soft can be a pain because you have to import the SSL certificate into the specific java format. This this post will be about how you can create a nginx reverse proxy for R1Soft. The backup system R1Soft uses something called “Keytool” to manage certificates and keys. This can be a … Continued

R1Soft ‘unable to open snapshot device’

R1Soft is a great backup solution because it allows you to do incremental (block device) backups down to every 15 minutes.┬áBut we all know that no software is perfect, and sometimes the lack of information can give frustrations because the fixes are not always that easy to find. One of them which I’ve seen happen … Continued

Add R1Soft to Paper Lantern

cPanel was released just a few days ago, which includes a major upgrade to the Paper Lantern theme, but since the theme is working differently I’m going to explain how to add r1soft to Paper Lantern. Since Paper Lantern was introduced, the way of installing plugins work a little differently, you need to create your … Continued